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    Crafted through the pristine Water Decaffeination process in the heart of Mexico, we've preserved the essence of coffee without compromise. Sourced from the finest beans, this decaf blend offers a guilt-free indulgence, ensuring you savour every moment without caffeine's buzz.


    The water decaffeination method, conducted amidst Mexico's rich coffee culture, is heralded as the pinnacle of preserving flavour, removing caffeine while retaining the coffee's natural nuances. With each cup, experience the same aromatic notes, the same velvety body, and the same delightful taste—just without the caffeine. This pours very good espresso and works well when used with most brewing methods from reusable pods to espresso to french press.

    Customer feedback

    We love the Bullish Coffee Company and have been buying coffee and coffee beans since they opened now and wouldn’t buy from anywhere else. The coffee really is amazing.
    We even have a coffee bean subscription. Thanks for the great service, friendly faces and amazing coffee!

    The best coffee I have ever tasted. Thank you!!

    Outstanding coffee from these guys! Would highly recommend

    Great coffee and service! Highly recommended

    We have been using Bullish coffee for some time now and love the Hair of the dog blend, very dark and rich, just the way we like it, we highly recommend it

    The best coffee I’ve ever tasted! Everyone needs bullish coffee in their life! Customer service is first class